Garmin Gtr 225 Vhf Com For Sale

  • Price: $1,825
  • Location: Aircraft Spruce, California
  • Last update: 11/15/2020
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Garmin Gtr 225 Vhf Com - For Sale - $1,825

Available - VHF COM radios from Garmin, the GTR series. As the new-install replacement product for the popular SL40 model, the GTR series COM transceivers include a breadth of new features to reduce pilot workload.

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These products have truly reinvented the stand-alone aviation COM radio with novel features like reverse database look-up and the COM monitor function, which bring new efficiency to cockpit radio management. Beyond that, these products demonstrate Garmin’s commitment to aviators worldwide, providing the solutions they need to meet the latest regulatory requirements in their regions, such as the recent SES mandate.

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  • Aircraft Spruce
  • 877-477-7823
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